O Sentido da Vida

Por a vida ser de evolução, tínhamos que, inevitavelmente, chegar a conclusão de sabermos quem somos, de onde viemos e para onde vamos, passando, então, a conhecer o verdadeiro Sentido da Vida. Universo em Desencanto.

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Um estudante da Cultura Racional dos livros Universo em Desencanto. Towards eternity.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rational Culture of the Third Milenium of the book Universe in Disenchantment.
This work aims the spreading of the Rational Culture of the Third Milênio of books Universe in Disenchantment. It is not, this clarifying one, an official representation of the Rational Culture. The subjects treated here are exclusive fruits of my interpretation of the study of the Rational Culture, of form that are of my entire responsibility the developed arguments to follow. Here, I look for to more deal with the questioned points for that they search answers regarding the existence and of the world where we live. It is not my intention to attack nobody, neither any organization, exactly that in some instants, this impression can be had. If everything that existed and exists was necessary and necessary for the stonecutting of the humanity, does not make sensible to be against nothing, nor nobody, therefore each one follows the way that better is adjusted to its feeling, for its stonecutting, its growth and rational matureness. However, I believe that good sacudidela is always good to wake up sleepiest and to liven up already the discouraged ones in this walked evolutionary natural of the life in evolution. That this work serves of stimulaton for the beginning of the study of books Universe in Disenchantment, where the living creature will find everything on our existence, very explained well, tin-tin for tin-tin. If for happiness the beginning of the study of the books will have some doubt after Universe in Disenchantment, or still, before the beginning of the study, it is enough to send me an email that I will answer with pleasure.
The return of all humanity to its true world of origin, the Rational World is the objective of the Rational Culture, through the development of the reasoning (pineal gland), that it is the connector link of the human being with its world of Origin. The development of the reasoning if gives with the study assíduo of the Rational Culture of books Universe in Disenchantment. In the study it is the clarification of the reason of everything and all, before being, the cause of being and the reason of being. E while the living creature goes being instructed, the materialized rational energy in form of rational knowledge goes developing its reasoning and binding it the eternity to it in life. Then, in life all having the practical tests and evidences and effective of the development of the maximum potentiality of the human being, the reasoning.
Rational Culture:
Rational culture is the culture found in books Universe in Disenchantment for the development of the reasoning of all the humanity. It is not seita, doctrine or espiritismo. Where, many, for not knowing the Culture Rational, make its judgments in accordance with its delay or unfamiliarity. The Rational Culture not drift of no line of existing thought in the Land. Alem to bring unknown knowledge, also brings, the continuation of all the existing knowledge already. It does not have temples, churches or any another type of pregação house of the Rational Culture, does not have priests or any another authority to subordinate the people. Not, each one in its homes, or where if to dignarem to study this workmanship, go to the few if making familiar to this new knowledge. E the assiduity of the reading goes if becoming an in agreement desire the truths go if disclosing e, gradual the student go taking ownership of the knowledge of itself exactly and the universe where it lives, until with the time, with the developed Rational Vidência, the perfect contact with the origin world is accomplished, the Rational World. The Rational Culture is based on the logic and reason of our Rational Origin, possesss principle half e end, discloses begins it and the end of the world and the return of all to its true natural state of pure, clean and perfect Rationals. The Rational Culture is a knowledge come of our world of origin, the Rational World, transmitted for the Superior Rational, an inhabitant of our world of origin, to its representative here in this material world, Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho. The Rational Culture closes the agreement cycle that was incomplete in all the religious, philosophical and scientific ways, bringing the defined, definitive and immediate solution of our material life of sofredores and mortals; of form that a significant change of the understanding of the life if processes soon in the first studied pages, had the Rational Culture to contain unknown revelations that radically re-position the human being regarding the agreement of itself exactly and of its existence. Then, what all we waited here is: the knowledge of solution, defined and definitive, real, proven proven e of our enigmatic existence, unbalanced, sofredora and mortal, the books Universe in Disenchantment.
The reasoning is an Inhabitant of the materialized Rational World in form of machine of the reasoning, therefore we are animal rationals, with privileged natural formation, enabled in binding them Origin in life to the Rational. The machine of the reasoning is situated in the isthmus of mesencéfalo between the right and left hemisphere of our brain, more comumente known as cerebral pineal gland or epífise. Medical sciences very little know on this pineal body and the very little one that they know does not give to transmit the real value of this agency located in the point noblest of the part noblest of the human body. The esoteric, philosophical knowledge, in turn, better divulges the vital importance of epífise, does not only know as to activate it, some attempts had been made to develop it, some absurd ones, other strangers, all these innumerable forms of well-meaning, however unfounded attempts, for not being natural; e the time, as always, proving the nullity of these methods and the failure of these prosélitos. The development of the reasoning if gives of course for the daily contact with the rational energy materialized in form of rational knowledge in the Rational Culture of books Universe in Disenchantment and with this, the person is enabled if to bind in life to the eternity and to leave this mediocre condition of rational, sofredor and mortal animal, coming back to its natural state of pure, clean and perfect rational, a body of energy of cosmic mass of perpetual life and proper life. As the living creature goes studying, of course the rational energy, goes disconnect the living creature of these two energies which it, many times without knowing, were on, the deformed and unbalanced energies: electric and magnetic and raising the supreme condition of the Rational Immunization with the reasoning total developed. The reasoning is the natural possibility of in them becoming beings of perpetual life, its development still makes of the human being a complete being in the materialized condition of, therefore with developed reasoning the human being if becomes gentleman of potentialities never imagined, being I free of all these curses that attack the body, the mind and the life, leaving of being enslaved by the carrascos: thought and imagination. The described reasoning in the Rational Culture nothing has to see with the thought and the imagination, as the artificial culture makes confusion, is total distinct machines of existencial perception; the imagination and the thought had been machines created for the Nature with the objective to stone the humanity and with the capacity and objective not to make right, therefore, she is the humanity there, until the present wanting to always make right with the thought and the imagination and making right for arriving. Already the reasoning was created with the objective to make right, for this it exists. Then, in the current condition we are animal rationals, thinkers, sofredores and mortals, for only making use of the thought and imagination. Rational animals yes, but of rational origin. This is the etimologia of rational animal: animal is the part of the substance, the deformed part, the part of the thought and the imagination. Rational E is the reasoning, the part of the origin, then the reasoning everything is for if binding the origin, and the substance nothing is, for the substance to be one badly and the evil by itself is come to ruin. Then, the positive part of the life if finds in the development of the reasoning.
The Origin:
The Origin of all of us is of rationals, pure, clean and perfect, inhabitants of the Rational World, a total different world of this material world where we live. The Rational World is of a well different energy composition of this electric and magnetic composition and with a progress of life, of course, also well different, one another progress of life, one another one life mechanics, one another organization of life. In the origin the life is pure, clean and perfect and in the substance the life is of animals, killing ones to the others and if feeding ones of the others here. The rational life of the material life is very different. Here we are in the category of divided rational animals in two classrooms: of rational animals and of animal irrationals, the category is the same one for being done in the same way (through the insemination) and for same energy constitution and material e, in the Rational World was created as bodies of energy of perpetual life and proper life, purely rational beings, with an entirely different life of this material progress, that is a progress that goes the return. Then, it is the importance to pass in knowing them and binding our Origin there to them to leave this condition ridicule of unknown rational animals of we ourselves, sofredores and mortals. In the Origin it is the force of the power that constitutes the life thus and being, in the origin is the force of the restoration of the true life. If it had force of in thus making them, of in thus generating them also has force to decide our situation in the life of the substance. If it had force to transform a water nugget microscopical, a spermatozoon, in a being capable to question its proper existence, also have conditions of in transforming them of this condition of rational animal for pure, clean and perfect rational in our true world of origin, the Rational World. The origin elaborated everything of form to have return of all to its original condition, therefore, all has the pineal gland, the reasoning, that is agency of identification and linking with the origin. In the origin it is the plant, the map and the compassing of all this material, on creation to the origin is on to its true salvation. Then, Rational is the Origin, thus being, the force most powerful of the world is the rational force, in the rational force is the power of being able them, the reason of everything and all, Raciocínio-Racional Rational-reasoning.
The Creation:
Our generation was initiated has much time behind, in a period where the time as he is counted today was not possible, therefore the author in informs them that the principle of the formation of this world where we live, if gave has twenty and eternities and classifies eternity as a period of time where a life progress seemed not to have end until a really significant change if processed and took everything and all for a condition of different life of the previous one, everything this of course, as for example, the generation of the sun, the moon, the separation of the land and the seas, the beginning of the appearance of the vegetation, etc... Then, it has twenty and eternities one as many inhabitants of the Rational World, making use of the free will, had decided to progress in an energy field that was not ready to enter in progress and despite the warnings they had continued and resulted, this action, in the degeneration and deformation of that energy plan giving cause to this deformed material world of its natural state; formed, this world, for the energies electric and magnetic. Together with the deformation of the energy field that was not ready to enter in progress, the inhabitants of the World had also become deformed themselves of its original state Rational whom they had undertaken this day, arriving at the point of extinguishing of its original bodies and being only a bond and this bond come to give cause to the rational animal that we are. In the Rational World the inhabitants are created according to nature of its creator, pure clean and perfect and of perpetual life, here in the substance, we are fruit of a degeneration and cosmic deformation, therefore, all we are mortal sofredores and in this unbalanced and poluído world. Today, the most clarified they do not accept the contradictions of the behind estórias that attribute to the God the guilt of our creation as animals of, poluída deformed, depraved substance and weakened. The estórias of the past, counted for many, had served very well for the stonecutting of the peoples who did not have instruction and discernment enough that they enabled them to reject these legends, to put, today, do not need this more, already we can abdicate of these crendices and superstitions that we will not be punished, we do not need to have fear, God is not a monster that orders to kill criancinhas and that it likes sacrifices with blood of animals spread in altars, neither makes discrimination between men and women, peoples of this or that ancestry, not, all these devilish divisions and acts, had been created by malignant forces, people of and accepted disgusting, delayed natures for the people of the past as if it was the good and the truth, for everything this to be party to suit of stonecutting of the humanity. Everything this for the reduction of the rudez and the delay, for the matureness of all, so that all we had stoned conditions after good (as many already we are), to know the cause and the direction of our existence, and then, to know our true state natural and to know as to come back toward it. Superior Rational: The books Universe in Disenchantment are of authorship of the Rational World, of the Superior Rational.


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